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“The Portal is at that old burned out warehouse on King’s Folly road. The key is that anyone entering must wear a chain of some kind.”

A dark aspected world under a tyranny. Slavery is practiced in abundance, and the Remans have been known to raid other planes for slaves and booty.

The primary nation is the Imperial Realm of Rema. A senate, composed of senators elected by wealthy merchants, noblemen and landowners from each province, rules the land. The senate controls a military is formed into great Legions of Centurion soldiers, though many of the provinces also possess armed forces or militias.

Provinces of Rema

Rema – the heartland of the Reman peoples and their empire. Ruled by a provincial senate, elected by Reman males of sufficient wealth and age.

Mortuus – the mountain stronghold of the Cult of the Death God, Nos (and their leaders, a group of Dwarven Lich Sorcerer-Priests) and the surrounding wastes, Mortuus is a single giant mountain shaped by black sorceries into a damned fortress-step pyramid. In the northwest of the heartland.

Drakkaris – a semi-independant nation of Dragons and Dragonblooded, Drakkaris became a semi-autonomous part of the empire after a war several hundred years ago.

Aquae – a coastal province south of the heartland, great Merchant Lords with much wealth hold much of the power, including a great many bought provincial senate seats.

Duurem – a hill province ruled by the descendants of this world’s original humans north of the Reman heartland. Generations of inbreeding with Dwarves has lead to a hardy stout folk.

Urvanus – the other remnant of the world’s original humans, the Urvans rule a grand plain to the east of the heartland, living a semi-nomadic life. Granted semi-autonomous rule after the challenge to conquer them became too great. Ruled by a rebellious council of clan Horselords.

Tarellia – a river valley colony east of the Urvan Plains by settlers from Rema and Duurem. Ruled by a Consular of the Imperial Senate.


Ganos Harr – a dwarven kingdom and the last known free nation on Enos. The elderly king, Glimril, rules with the aid of his war council as they continue to fend off Reman assaults.

The Garden of Eno – little more than a town sized enclave inside a grand forest in Tarellia, the Priesthood of the Goddess of Life, Eno guards their last sanctum with all their gathered might.

The Barbarian Tundra – through a pass west of Rema, a great tundra plagued by barbarian clans can be seen as far as the eye can see.

The Mountain Clans – rebellious folk from Duurem that struck out into inhospitable mountains when Rema annexed their home.


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