Dramatis Personae

The Ratter’s Court

Kazzik – [Bugbear Rogue]
Aspects: “The Ruthless Wolf’s Fearsome Grin”, ?
Aligned With: Ratter’s Court, The Cutters, ?

Leader of the Cutters gang. Nicknamed “The Wolf”.
Wields a pair of Kukris named “Shear” and “Biter”. Also uses a Longbow and blackjacks at times. Speaks Sylvan.

Bok’ma – [Orc Shaman]
Aligned With: Kazzik, ???, The Cutters
An elderly whitehaired (or is he youthful? The orc’s age seems to shift like the winds upon a sea) Orc who wears a heavy brown robe covered in charms of his own making. Reported to possess the seer’s gift.

Brannon – [Human Fence]
Aligned With: Ratter’s Court, Free League
Scrawny & nondescript.
Has the “Bomber’s Sack”, an enchanted sack with replenishing supplies of Alchemist’s Fire and Acid, and a magical short sword. Reported to be a poor warrior. Has some secret deal with Wonat, who got the death mark removed after Kazzik, Vibble and Brutus Alaris placed it upon him during the Faction War for selling out safe houses.

Wonat – [Kender Assassin]
Aligned With: Ratter’s Court, The Legion
Leader of the Legion. Incredibly ruthless.
At one point, he kept a collection of hellhounds until Ailill “borrowed” them to chase a “cat”.

The Starlight Band

Eulam – [Jungle Kobold ex-Human Diviner]
Lived in a converted tavern called the Trailroad. Unassociated with any of the mage guilds in Sigil (a hedge wizard). Was murdered by the Half-Masks, but Bok’ma (through the party’s aid) reincarnated him as a Jungle Kobold.

Friar Mayer
Searching for the Occulus with Greymane. Knowledgeable about many theories on divinity, including those of a “Neverwas God”.

Richard Greymane – [Ogre Mercenary General]
Aspects: “Mantle of Glory”, “Jotunbrand”
Aligned With: The Witch Road Consortium.
Accolades and titles include: “Liberator of Akai, Guardian of the New Mount”
Wields a heavy rune inlaid sword named the Jotunbrand.

Barmen (& women)

Yandar – [Dwarf ex-Mercenary Barman]
Aspects: “Battlescarred”
Barman at the Dusty Dwarf. Ex-Mercenary. Missing an eye, keeps the grizzly scarred socket uncovered. Loves to tell stories.

Torhen – [Norse Human Skald]
Devotee of Thor. Barman at the Wayward Comet. On a quest for inspiration for ballads and songs. Plays the Lute.

Irma – [Erinyes Bar Matron]
Aspects: “Happiness is a Clean Ledger”, “We used to have standards!
Nominally-freelance devil. Proprietor of the Wayward Comet, fills it with bizarre mementos and souvenirs of her travels. Occasionally tends bar herself, when she has an agenda or thinks Torhen isn’t keeping the right tone. Don’t ask about her arm – she only needs the one to hold a sword.

Other Denizens of Sigil

Dolan – [Human Knight]
Aspects: ???x2
Aligned With: The Red Dragonarmy 3rd Battalion
“a Knight, wearing an ornate set of platemail with golden roses as decoration on the pauldrons. A full helm, again adorned with golden roses, covers his face, while you can see the hilt of a blade to his side, the pommel forged in the form of a withered rose”
Speaks Planar Trade entirely unaccented due to speaking it magically, not through learning.
The battalion’s Captain.

Dubois – [Human Huntsman]
Aspects: “A Drop Of Dwarf Blood”, “Sensations of the Hunt”, “An Almighty Boom”
Aligned With: Sensates
Wields several heavy firearms, including a Blunderbuss.

Hok’Tha – [Half-Orc Wild Ranger]
Aspects: “Life Debt To A Madman”
Aligned With: Dubois
Carries sacks and pouches full of Dubois’ gear.

Revanna – [Shadow Blademistress]
Aspects: “Hand of Vengeful Fury”
Pale skinned elfmaid with a long black gown and a dull rapier.
Opposes Rev Banon’s plans.

Mercurious J d’Cannith – [Cannith Human Artificer]
Thin bespectacled man with a neat goatee. Decked out in well made plain clothes suitable for a bank manager.
Had problems with his lout of a cousin, Julius d’Cannith, some incriminating letters and his estranged wife.

Candida Nesmith – [Human Paladin Daughter of Mercy]
Aspects: “Clueless Daughter of Mercy”, “Sins Are Cleansed In Blood”, “It’s For Your Own Good, I Promise”
An extremely tall woman with blond hair and green eyes clad in full plate, who wields two-handed seven-branched Shichishito sword. She has a guileless, friendly expression, and appears to be somewhat bewildered by the strange sights all around her.
Candida is a new recruit of the Sons of Mercy who has recently arrived at Sigil. She comes from a world whose mythology links body and soul inextricably, and as such, she believes that for someone to truly repent for their sins, their body equal contrition to their soul.

Nonsense – [Human Sodkiller]
Aspects: “Sodkiller Executioner”, “No Pleasure And No Pain”, “From Nothingness, Coherence”, “Don’t Understand Others’ World, Don’t Care”, “Anything For Revenge”
A man covered in scars with black hair and azure eyes. He has a perpetually flat expression, and wears light armor and a pair of curved, twisted knives. A small raven is perched upon his shoulder, and rarely leaves his side.
The victim of a nasty curse that deprived him of all sensory input, Nonsense is a latent magus whose talent saved his life from a quick, horrifying death. His familiar, Coherence the raven, could transmit impressions of his surroundings through their mental connection, allowing him to interact with the world by proxy. Once a cheery fellow, Nonsense has become a bitter, bitter man thanks to his curse which no one has been able to lift, and hunts criminals for the Sodkillers in hopes of one day ending the life of the man who cursed him to live such a miserable existence.

Angularia Temperata – [Succubus Ring Giver]
Aspects: “Extraplanar Ringer Financist”, “Devilish Dealmaker”, “An Offer You Won’t Refuse”, “Am I Evil?”, “‘Trampoline, take out the trash!’”
A woman with red skin, cyan eyes with no discernible pupils or cornea, massive bat wings and a twisting, lizardlike tale whose beauty defies comprehension, clearly a succubus who steals the souls and minds of men. She has a perpetually amused and slightly beatific expression, and her manner is teasing and frank.
Nobody knows why a greater succubus chose to appear at the Ring Givers’ doorstep one day to demand membership, but the fact of the matter is that Angularia has become a regular stop for any of Sigil’s Blood, as she happily hands away significant gold sums to those who ask, demanding no qualifications or promises from them, following the Ring Givers’ credo. Nobody knows what sort of game she’s playing, but the angelic powers of Sigil are so suspicious of her that they’ve set up a permanent watch on her Finance Tower and keep her under surveillance whenever she ventures outside. Though she does her best to make her guests comfortable while discussing business and has not intentionally used her powers on any of her clients as far as the angels know, her aura of seduction is so overwhelming that many lesser beings have become enraptured by her, requiring her giant bodyguard Trampoline to remove them from the premises.

Gladiator Joe – [Githzerai Arena Master]
Aspects: “Master of the Arena Eternal”, “Retired Great Warrior”, “Always Looking For New Talent”, “Close Friend of the Ciphers”, “Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?”
A gith who appears to be in the prime of his life, wearing a leathery lorica musculata, matching bracers and a simple navy traveling cloak. He seems to carry no weapons, but when threatened he can manifest purpleish energy from his hands, giving it the shape of any weapon he desires. He has a welcoming demeanor, and his eyes always have an appraising look to them.
In the Great Gymnasium there is a permanently active artificial portal, leading to an island floating in the middle of an endless night, all around which pieces of rubble float. A spacious colosseum is built on top of the island, filled with merchants peddling their wares and dangerous men and women from all places and demanors. It is the Arena Eternal, a place removed from time and space where warriors from entirely different worlds and eras can do battle with each other. The man who runs it is a githzerai who responds to the name of Gladiator Joe. A warrior of tremendous skill, Joe does not speak much of how he founded the Arena Eternal. When confronted about it, he simply says it is what it is, and its purpose is to test the mettle of the greatest fighters of the multiverse, with the goal of finding its champion. Multiple leagues are constantly running, from team battles to individual fights to ladder matches. The warriors who sign up for a league are provided with a tuning crystal. Once their match is about to begin, the crystal whisks them to the Arena Eternal, healing all their injuries and replenishing them in the process, for the purpose of doing battle with fierce opponents until one side has fallen. For some reason, not even the worst blows are lethal in the Arena Eternal, and after the matches are concluded and a winner is announced, the fighters are once again restored to full health and whisked back to the place and time were they previously were, as if nothing had happened. As the fighters defeat their opponents and advance through the ladders and brackets, they gain rewards for their mettle and inch ever closer to fighting the reigning Champions, each of them a grandmaster of war in his own ways. Those who succeed become the new champions, and rumor has it that Gladiator Joe awards those clever and powerful enough to fight their way to the top with prizes that can shake up the very nature of the Planes.

Captain Lara DiZel – [Human Spelljammer Captain]
Aspects: “Spelljamming Captain of Fire Runner”, “More Than Just Precious Stones, An Ancient Promise”, “Factional Courier”, “Hatred For The Lich Queen”
A striking woman with auburn hair, who wears elegant pirate garb and a tricorn. Instead of the usual cutlass, she carries a saber on her waist, along with an ever-ready flintlock pistol. She is graceful and approachable, but maintains an air of mystery and tries to keep people at arm’s length.
The Captain of the Fire Runner, Lara DiZel is an experienced Spelljammer, and a woman respected by all for her many services as a dependable emissary between the now-scattered factions. She is willing to take passengers anywhere, for the right price or a strange service: the Captain is looking for certain precious stones, for a purpose which she will not discuss. These stones are apparently no different from your average emerald, ruby or diamond, but they are incredibly important to her and she has gone into debt before to track down the whereabouts of one. Her jewel collection is almost complete, but in this case, ‘almost’ is not good enough. Though she prefers to keep her opinions hidden for most things, she is outspoken in her tremendous dislike for the Lich Queen of the Githyanki, and will go out of her way to spite her agents, citing an old enmity with her.


Aspects: “Master Spellsword”

Chancellor Adek – [Veo’s Psychopathic In-Law]
Aspects: “Wizard-Spymaster of the Realm”, “If I Can’t Have It No-One Can”, “The World Owes Me”
Brother of Queen Sulure of Edu-Sarminan and a right wanker. Willing to start a civil war just so he could take the throne a few years sooner. Finds judicious use of murder, intrigue, and raw magical power a decent substitute for being remotely likable.

Dramatis Personae

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