Plot Hooks

The Shadow War
Through methods unknown, a person known as Rev Balon has bought a force of Shade Elves (lead by their chieftain, Lorne) to Sigil and is trying to take over Sigil’s criminal underground by force. With Sweet James missing and Vibble away on business, the fragile balance of Sigil’s underground hangs by a thread. Revanna watches… or more, perhaps.

A Hunt Most Grand
Dubois, as always, is planning another hunt – on this one he intends to go deep into the lower planes and hunt wild Hellhounds. He is always looking for worthy companions.

The Arena Eternal
Upon a storm wracked island in the Astral Sea, yet little more than a step away from Sigil’s heart lies the Arena Eternal. Upon the scarred carcass of a long dead god from ages past, men (and more) fight for glory or wealth, while the arena’s Champions – the four marauders and the so called “God of Battle” – watch and wait for a worthy challenger.

The Archipelago of Dreams
Deep within the Astral Sea lies a small island chain – once an oasis of peace amongst the chaotic seas – the Archipelago of Dreams. Word of dark deeds has since reached Sigil from this once proud city state – a call for aid by the city’s Loremaster.

A Great Man, but Not a Good One
Vanda and Justine’s father, Maximilian Serkoff, is a well-known mover and a shaker in Sigil politics. What’s less well known is that he’s spreading his influences across the planes in subtle and illicit ways, mostly by use of his powerful psionic abilities. Known only to himself, though, is that his daughters will be playing a key role in his plans at some point. They’ve already been initiated. They just don’t know it yet.

I Fought the Law, and Didn’t Care for the Fighting, Really
Justine “joined” the Xaositects on a whim, more out of teenage rebellion than anything else. But sooner or later, they’re going to need a concrete show of support or else they’re going to consider her a target.

Plot Hooks

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