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Sigil Locations

The Hand of Gruumsh
Aspects: “Den of Scum and Villainy”, “Hidden Grove”
“a battered old tavern that is nestled in a row of equally battered old houses and which resembles nothing more than a scrap heap, pieces of wood and sheets of metal nailed haphazardly to the front of the old building to cover the windows. The door is the only part that seems new, a stout thing made of solid oak and metal bands. A painted symbol of an open eye in the palm of a hand marks this as the Hand of Gruumsh”
The main base of operations for Kazzik’s Cutters gang.
In it’s courtyard is a thriving garden with a grand oak, created by

The Dusty Dwarf
A tavern frequented by mercenaries just off Sigil’s bazaar.

The Wayward Comet
Reasonable tavern catering to people with enough jinx to avoid dives. Torhen and Irma work the bar.

Gnome’s Delight
Gnome tavern. Known for daily indoor fireworks and highly explosive alcohol.

The Trailroad
Once an old country tavern on some long forgotten prime, Eulam took it as his home for retirement when it was deposited in Sigil by some freak coincidence. At some point, Eulam had a pair of clay golems built to protect it.

Planes and Locations

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