Groups and Threats


The Ratter’s Court

A loose association of criminal types formed for mutual protection during the Faction War, assisted by Brutus Alaris [Human Gladiator] and his band of mercenaries (the Steadfast Shield). Peace is, by necessity, handled by the gangs themselves after a disastrous period where a group of former Mercykillers attempted to co-opt the movement by threat of overwhelming force into obeying their rules in attempt to both keep Sigil’s criminal element in check and profit immensely. In a panic, the gangs rebelled, finally formally admitting the Cutters (who had been kept at a distance at Wonat’s insistence, despite their efforts during the Faction War). The Court was then changed to a (somewhat) peaceful forum for discussion between equals.

In the time since the Faction War, Brutus Alaris has disappeared entirely and the Steadfast Shield has been absorbed into the Foxhearts.

At certain times, certain gang leaders had tried to gain full control, usually by force, each one meeting their end in turn: Jon of Toril [Human Rogue] (deceased, decapitation by projectile goblin), Jin-takk [Half-Troll Fighter] (deceased, carved to pieces and left in the street) and Elduath [Elan Psion] (missing and presumed dead due to arson at his home).

The name comes from an old saying, “We are naught but ratters reigning over rats and muck”.

In addition to the four main groups, other thieves and criminals (such as fences or smugglers) known as “Loners” by the locals are associated with the court.

The Cutters
Related Chracters: Kazzik
A gang of outcast and so called evil races, primarily Orcs and Goblinoids. Primarily involved in burglaries and thefts, with larger members providing protection. Kazzik leads them.
It’s membership includes Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Orogs and Bugbears.
Members: Orsh [Orc Thug], Bok’mar [Orc Old Coot]

The Sha’hain Brotherhood
Related Characters:
A gang of Gnomes primarily involved in smuggling and the sale of magic and lore (the more dubious, black or illegal the better). They are based at a (not so) secret compound known as “The Underworkshop”, where smoke can always be seen circling above. Vibble, a [gnomish artificer] with contacts amongst the Gondish priesthood on Toril (primarily to acquire smokepowder and lead-throwers), leads them.

Related Characters:
A small gang of humans (and part humans) currently in disarray as Sweet James [Human Swashbuckler], their charismatic leader, has gone missing. Once based in the sewers and brothels of Sigil, and pliers of any trade that’d make a profit, they are now scattered and disorganized.
Members: Charlie the Quick [Human Burglar], Red Tabor

The Legion
Aspects: “Good Race or Dead Race”
Related Characters:
Wonat’s crew of murderous thugs and assassins. Peddlers of any bloody work that needs doing. They are based in a fortified compound known as the Eyrie.

The Witch Road Consortium

Related Characters:
The Witch Road is a project by House Cannith and several trading groups based in Sigil to create a direct trade route between Sigil’s bazaar and the city of Sharn on the prime of Eberron. Two one way portals from Sharn to the Outlands, connected by a pair of two-way doors into a warehouse in Sigil. The linking points on the Outlands are each guarded by an encampment (which are almost small fortresses) – Witch’s Head at the door from Eberron, Witch’s Tail at the door to Eberron. Both encampments suffer frequent raids, primarily from Yugoloths who seek to claim magical arms created in the forges of House Cannith. Rumours of sightings of Warforged, forged from the blackest of irons, have been told by mercenaries serving at Witch’s Head.

The Red Dragonarmy 3rd Battalion

Related Characters:
Based in an old Doomguard compound in Sigil.

Force Organization:

Command Group consisting of Dolan, three clerics and six dragonborn Fighters.
A Single Talon consisting of human and dragonborn Rogues.
Eight Wings consisting of human Warriors, a human Sorcerer, a dragonborn Dragonfire Adept, a human Dragonfire Adept. A dragonborn Fighter leads each one as Sergeant.


The Half-Masks

Related Characters: The Half-Mask
A small faction of the Sodkillers currently focused on murdering seers in order to take their eyes. Their numbers include warriors and warlocks. Each member has a bronze coin inlaid with the symbol of a half-face mask (the symbol of a merchant family in the Flanaess region of Oerth called the Smythes of Arwyll).

Groups and Threats

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