Vanda Serkoff

Tiefling Rogue, all long limbs and tail.


High Aspect: Half-breed Heiress Gone Roguish
– Invoke: Sneakin’ about, hobnobbing with the gentrified or the scum of the streets
– Compel: Scorn from those of either class who know about her other life, behave or get cut off from the good life

Trouble: Family is Apparently All that Matters
– Invoke: Fancy book-learning, Family’s resources
– Compel: Nothing’s free in life, Put in appearances at social events

First Adventure: “That’s the Worst Thieving I’ve Ever Seen, Girl”
– Invoke: Call back on Kelmon’s tutelage
– Compel: Kelmon’s enemies might go through her to get to him

Crossing Paths: Little Bit Classical, Little Bit Goblin Rock (Justine)
– Invoke: Create advantage when fighting with Justine (or similar caster) in a fight
– Compel: Bicker over something of no consequence, Always has to be right

Crossing Paths Again: Simpleton in a Stange Land (Coal)
– Invoke: Apply something learned about Coal’s Plane of “Earth” to a problem
– Compel: Have to help bail someone out (not naming any names…) over their incomplete knowledge of Sigil


+4 – Dex
+3 – Con, Wis
+2 – Cha
+1 – Int
+0 – Str


- Between the Ribs: When attacking an opponent with a Finesse weapon, add +2 damage.
- Great Piece of Tail: Prehensile tail. Can be used to lift and carry small, light objects.
- Wrong Side Girl Born on the Right Side, or Vice Versa: +2 to Cha rolls when dealing with the movers and shakers in either high or low society (those in charge, not the general rabble)
- Case the Joint – Gain +2 when using Wis to create an advantage for an illicit or criminal activity.

– Very sharp rapier, elvish in make (Finesse)
– Mithril Chain Shirt (Light Armor)
– Skeletal Keys
– A set of picks made from polished bone and ivory that always seem to guide themselves
along the tumblers (+2 when using Dex to pick locks)
– Rejuvenating Balm (as in FateFreePort book)


It’s the little quirks in life that keep the Planes spinning, interlinked. Behold! A pair of twin sisters. Not that you’d be able to tell. They take after different parents. Fraternal twins, not identical. Papa was a smart man, very powerful with mind magic. However, he also like a bit of strange tail. Literally, in this case.

Vanda believes she got the short end of the stick. Justine got all the good schooling, all the freaky mind things and she was just the apple of Papa’s eye. The fiendling on the other hand… Well, everybody distrusts a fiendling. Vanda’s had to put up with stares and scowls. The horns and the tail. Can’t help that she was born like that, but they all blame her for it anyway. Can’t blame Master Maximilian Serkoff, the high and mighty scholar and psion, can we?

Since the family was so busy getting Justine all her fancy schooling, Vanda was left to her own devices. Even browsing in the Wards became difficult since every time she picked something up to look at it, she’d be whacked on the hand and told to put it back. They just assumed she was going to steal it, being what she was.

So she started stealing.

Serves them right, after all. All the unjust accusations and being thrown out of stores and stalls, why not get a little back? A few just accusations to balance things out. She got pretty good at it, too. Not quite as good as she would have liked, however. Kelmon the Red was a good berk, even with a shady past (much like her own, if she thought about it). He was out of the game, more or less. A little fencing here and there, but he had a sharp eye. Just the one eye, though. The other was cut out on some misbegotten plane for, as he put it, “giving a gal a bit too long of a once-over.”

Vanda was on her way out when Kelmon grabbed her arm. Sharp as his eye was, he was surprised when he told her to empty her pockets. There were plenty of things in there he hadn’t seen her take. Turns out you can fit a few bracelets and rings on the end of a tail, too. Nobody every pays attention to one, even if they hate you because of it. What was really surprising, though, was Kelmon’s smile, a rakish grin. He didn’t call the guards. Didn’t even send word to the Serkoff home. Instead, he gave her a job.

Since then, Vanda splits her time between the high society that her father wants her to associate with and the underbelly of Sigil that he pretends not to notice as he walks about the wards. When it’s time, she trades her lace for leather and climbs out her window to make her way to the only friends she really has. Up to now, there’s been no real pressure on her to join any of the gangs. Pharod has his own fiendling ‘daughter’ and her skills surpass Vanda’s any day of the year. Ugly Jon has made a few casual offers, but Brick Fiddler in Undertown has been much more forthcoming about his offers. In fact, he’s subtly hinted at the consequences for turning him down.

It’s Kelmon who keeps them at bay for the time being. He’s a living legend in Sigil and the fact that he took Vanda in as a protege of sorts has kept everyone from being too aggressive in their recruitment. Still, if anything were to happen to the old man, Vanda would quickly find herself being forced to choose a side. The old man is a second father to her, much closer than her own blood. Her sister would probably be overcome with ‘the vapors’ to hear Vanda admit as much, but it’s true. Vanda loves the old man and is very protective of him.

Vanda Serkoff

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