Justine Serkoff


High Aspect: Real Wilder Child
– Invoke: Caster (Psion), chaotic insight
– Compel: Act on a whim, unpredictable

Trouble: Can’t Get Daddy Out of My Head
– Invoke: Family’s favored daughter
– Compel: Very difficult to disobey orders from father

First Adventure: The Academy
– Invoke: Formal schooling, training in psionic combat
– Compel: Mental parasite in the form of a “sleeper” personality that occasionally takes over

Crossing Paths: Two Sides of the Same Coin (Vanda)
– Invoke: Create advantage when fighting with Vanda (or similar melee-oriented character) in a fight
– Compel: Bicker over something of no consequence, Always has to be right

Crossing Paths Again: Join the Club (Veodaal)
– Invoke: Be tougher than you seem, create advantage with improvised weapon
– Compel: Be easily swayed to join a cause (until you get bored)


+4 – Cha
+3 – Con, Wis
+2 – Int
+1 – Dex
+0 – Str


- Wild Surge: Add +2 when casting, but add Stunned aspect for next round
- Two Sets of Eyes: +2 to Wis checks to notice things
- Anarchic Grace: +2 to Dex for defense against ranged attacks
- Anarchic Initiate: Magic Caster, add evocation and enchantment spells (2 total)
→ Magic Missile
→ Mind Blast

– Repeater Crossbow: recocks and reloads automatically for user
- Healing balm


It’s the little quirks in life that keep the Planes spinning, interlinked. Behold! A pair of twin sisters. Not that you’d be able to tell. They take after different parents. Fraternal twins, not identical. Father was a moron, weak in the powers of mind magic. However, he had an unhealthy attraction for strange tail. In this case, literally.

I never really liked attention. I’ve been smothered with it pretty much since I could walk and talk. Father wouldn’t leave me alone, I felt more like a bird in a tiny cage than someone free to do whatever she wanted, like Vanda. Everyone considered me lucky, since I took after my good-for nothing father, Maxamillian Serkoff, the pathetic excuse of a scholar AND a psion.

So I started lashing out.

I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. They all wanted me to take after my father, walk his path, but that’s not what I wanted. Eventually, I ran away, using my abilities as I wanted, and I liked it. For once, I could do my own thing. As I was wandering through the planes, I met a fascinating group of people, the Xaositects. Their ideals were the polar opposite of what I was raised in. They haven’t accepted me into their ranks quite yet, but I think I finally found where I belong. One of the leaders (how someone can lead a disorganization fascinates me) gave me a task. He told me that if I get this job done, I will officially be in the faction.

Justine Serkoff

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